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Telefono centro medico de oviedo

Assistance in the application of Colon Hydrotherapy

I hereby declare that I hold custody rights over the minor whose medical records I am accessing at this time. Should I lose my rights of custody or guardianship for any reason, I endeavor to inform the hospital to this effect without delay.

All tests are performed on a non-fasting basis, except for the PCR saliva collection for which you must be 30 minutes beforehand without eating, drinking or smoking (see sampling procedure).

The IgG- IgM- result indicates that the disease has not been passed. In case of suspicion of having been infected in the previous 15 days, PCR should be performed if necessary to rule out active infection.

Consult your family doctor or health center immediately in case of a positive test result. Wear a mask, use extreme hand hygiene and isolate yourself at home unless your doctor tells you to go to a medical facility. If you would like your case to be followed up at a Quiron Health center, call 901 500 501 to request urgent assistance.

Edmond Elephant’s Birthday + [DOWNLOAD in descrip.]

International expert in the study of genetic factors and MHC in spondyloarthropathies and their influence in the development of the disease, he has been part of different international consortia. He has directed most of his research to the study of allo-tolerance and rejection in solid organ transplantation, and in the epigenetic mechanisms that condition the immune response in the disease.

To define a risk profile and/or immunological tolerance in transplant patients (renal, cardiac, hepatic and hematopoietic progenitor transplantation) that predict chronic and acute rejection.

Study of the mechanisms of gene regulation, epigenetic and soluble release of NKG2D ligands and their receptor during immune recognition of hematological tumors and renal diseases.

Company created to develop, produce and commercialize electrochemical sensors for the detection (early) and/or monitoring of biomarkers associated with diseases of high prevalence in the population. Carlos López Larrea was a co-founding partner and is a member of the board of directors of HealthSens.


We currently publish four issues per year, which accounts for some 100 articles annually. We admit work from both the basic and applied research fields, and from all areas of Psychology, all manuscripts being anonymously reviewed prior to publication.

Roberto Secades Villa, Elías Rodríguez García*, Julio Valderrey Barbero*, José R. Fernández Hermida, Guillermo Vallejo Seco and Juan M. Jiménez García** University of Oviedo, * Commission of Addictive Behaviors of the Official College of Psychologists of the Principality of Asturias and ** Health Service of the Principality of Asturias.

Psychotropic drugs cause undesirable residual effects (Sierra and Buela-Casal, 2003) and no one doubts that tranquilizers or benzodiazepines have a high addictive power and that their prolonged use can generate important health problems. On the other hand, although the addictive potential of antidepressants is debated, it is presumed that the new antidepressants, Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), have a clear potential for abuse and dependence, since given their anticholinergic action, their pharmacodynamic characteristics are similar to those of amphetamines and cocaine. Withdrawal symptoms frequently appear in the withdrawal of these drugs, mainly paroxetine, such as dizziness, alterations in balance, insomnia, anxiety, etc., symptoms that the laboratories call “discontinuation syndromes”.

Presentation 2. INTESTINAL INTELLIGENCE. Dr. Cristóbal Fraga

And as you are the center of our activity, we work actively in the protection of your privacy and your data. Here we tell you what we collect and use them for, how we protect them and all the rights that you, as a patient, have with respect to them.

There are two types of processing. The first is that which we give to your data by contract and for which we are legitimized on the basis of the service we provide you in our clinics. In the following section we detail in more detail what we are entitled to do. The second type of processing are special cases; in these cases your explicit consent will be obtained on “ad hoc” forms so that you are always clear about what we use your data for.

The data discussed in this sheet will only be processed internally within the Institute. It will not be communicated to third parties, so it will only be processed by medical and health personnel linked to the IOFV through an employment contract, service contract or internship, as well as administrative staff who, by virtue of the processing for which we are entitled and which we explained above, need it. In any case, our staff will only have access to the part of the history or your data that is exclusively necessary to provide you with our service.

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