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Pla desescalada catalunya

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A partir del día 23, bares y restaurantes podrán reabrirse y -según este esbozo- será de 6 de la mañana a 5 de la tarde y con el 30% del aforo, tanto en terrazas como en interiores bien ventilados.

Hostelería, restauración y hoteles pueden pasar del 30% de aforo a interiores y exteriores al 50% de aforo a partir del segundo tranvía del procedimiento, una situación que ya se mantiene hasta el cuarto tranvía.

Los batidores y los ciclos formativos recuperan el 100% de la presencialidad al cuarto tranvía, y no sería hasta el segundo tranvía que se permitieran extraescolares no reglados con un solo alumno y hasta el cuarto que se permitieran los extraescolares no reglados y la educación en el ocio.

No sería hasta el tercer tranvía que se permitiría obrar los centros comerciales al 30% de su capacidad, y hasta un 50% en el cuarto tranvía. El pequeño comercio podrá ampliar su aforo del 30% al 50% a partir del segundo tranvía.

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The Govern has modified the measures of the plan to lift the restrictions that will come into force this Monday, November 23rd: bars and restaurants will be able to open until 9.30 pm and not until 5 pm as initially set. In addition, the terraces will be able to open at 100% (and not the initial 30%), as long as the distance of two meters between table and table is respected, and the interior, at 30%, as already planned. In addition, Catalonia will lift the perimeter confinement in the third part of the plan, around December 21, and not in January. But the curfew will be maintained from 10 pm to 6 am.

On October 14, when the Government approved the closure of bars and limited the capacity of trade, Catalonia recorded 1,620 new infections (compared to 2,500 this Thursday) and 23 deaths (50 this Thursday), and had 1,024 people hospitalized of which 189 were in the ICU: 2,300 and 553 respectively today. These figures were much lower than those recorded today, on the verge of lifting restrictions, although it is true that at that time the epidemic was on the rise.  Now it has been in remission for days.  Nevertheless, there are risks.


in the world of hospitality, culture, sports and education in the four planned phases of the reopening. It is not excluded that there will be modifications with respect to the measures advanced these days. For example, regarding the curfew on Christmas Day.

CULTURE: Cinemas, theaters and concert halls (with an authorized capacity of 500 people) will be able to increase the capacity up to 70%. Museums, libraries and exhibition halls continue with 30% capacity.

EDUCATION: They recover 100% of the attendance in high school and training courses, as well as opening all extracurricular activities and free time education. In universities, in principle, the virtual format will be maintained.

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The Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya is preparing a reopening and de-escalation plan that will be directly related to the evolution of the epidemiological data of the coronavirus. This de-escalation will be asymmetric, that is to say, the data and the situation in each territory will mark the evolution of the new restrictions.

Among the current measures, regional containment stands out. In relation to this point, the councilor has assured that the confinement by vegueries «is not discarded at all»: «It can be a solution, it could be a first step in the de-escalation and in the reopening of mobility».

Also, and for the first time in days, has been reversed today in Catalonia the trend in the spread of the coronavirus. Today, the transmission rate has reached 1.38, compared to 1.39 yesterday, while the risk of spread has dropped two points to 358.

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