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«Hunting is an activity of extreme violence against animals. In addition, we are talking about visual and physical violence; bringing this panorama closer to the youngest can provoke the normalization of animal suffering in front of people who are in a phase of growth and intellectual development», explains our president, Javier Luna.

Hunting is a clearly masculinized activity with scarce generational replacement, and therefore contributes to population aging, to the masculinization of the territory, to migrations, to low birth rate and density, and to seasonal populations, which are the main challenges that the Demographic Challenge must face.

Every season, hunters leave thousands of tons of lead in the water and soil.  Our country suffers one of the highest concentrations of pellets per hectare in the world. In some areas, 2.5 million pellets per hectare have been detected.

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Share now:El Tribunal Superior de Justicia (TSJ) de Castilla y León ha dictado una orden de paralización de la caza en plena temporada, mientras estudia una demanda presentada por el PACMA (Partido Animalista contra el Maltrato Animal) en la que se alega que la nueva ley del Gobierno regional que regula la caza vulnera las directivas de la Unión Europea sobre conservación y protección de la fauna silvestre

La decisión judicial paraliza todas las actividades cinegéticas en la región hasta que se resuelva el caso. La Junta de Castilla y León ha dicho que recurrirá la orden judicial, que, según ella, es muy perjudicial para la economía de la región, que ingresa millones de euros por la afluencia de cazadores de toda España y Europa durante la temporada de caza de cada invierno.

Según la demanda del PACMA, la legislación aprobada por las Cortes de Castilla y León y promulgada el pasado mes de abril no cumple las normas de la UE para la regulación de las actividades cinegéticas, la conservación de las especies y su aprovechamiento sostenible.

Elections to the Cortes de Castilla y León (Castilla y León Parliament)

A.- We have met with PSOE and Ciudadanos. The proposal for the reform of the electoral system has been sent to all the parties with representation. That is why I understand that Podemos has it, although we have not met with them even though we requested a meeting.

A.- Equo is the example of what we should not do. We do not want the same thing to happen to us. Equo is an environmentalist organization that was integrated in Podemos and that when it has wanted to defend the promotion of renewable energies it has found a wall, due to the support that Podemos has shown for coal. When the workers in the mining sector have been in conflict, the party of Pablo Iglesias has been with the workers and has not shown rejection to a fossil fuel as polluting as coal. We, who also have an environmental conscience, believe that this has been a missed opportunity and an example of what should not be done. When the interests of both formations clash head-on, any opportunity to work for environmentalism from the political sphere has been lost, and that is what we do not want to happen with animal rights.

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The segregation of green proposals all over the national scene means that «the most effective way to obtain parliamentary representation» is through coalitions with dominant parties, says López de Uralde, who considers Unidas Podemos to be the «best» tool «at the moment» to overcome this and the rest of «these difficulties». Thanks to this, «we have local representation and in regional parliaments,» he stresses.

The most recent case, the animal rights leader points out, «is that of Más País and Equo». Errejón’s party «does not really have a firm commitment to publicize a green force,» says Luna, and although «Equo is quite close to it, it is on a very secondary level» within the coalition. It also «happened to him when he was in Unidas Podemos».

Contrary to López de Uralde, the president of PACMA considers wrong the alternative of joining the different elections with other large forces, because «in the end» you end up being «part of another party that does not give importance» to the issues you claim and that makes «that no proposal does not fit».

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