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Among the signatories of the manifesto are historical members of the PSOE such as the former presidents of the Senate Juan José Laborda and Javier Rojo, the former Minister of Health and Defense Julián García Vargas, the former deputy Luis Berenguer and the former Minister of Health and current president of the Gregorio Peces Barba Foundation, Julián García Valverde.

The Government stresses that the law recognizes an “exemplary” Transition “The Government spokeswoman, Isabel Rodríguez, has stressed that the Democratic Memory bill “recognizes that the Transition was exemplary and that those who made it also did an exemplary job”, despite the criticism.Rodríguez said during the press conference after the Council of Ministers that “it is convenient to read” the law “before rushing to make assessments”, since it “condemns Francoism and pays tribute to the victims of the war and the dictatorship of all sides”.

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No data was given on participation in the strike, nor were the unions given a voice. The news did dedicate a very unequal part of its space to the different political parties so that they could make an assessment of the day.

For this purpose, the News Council has minutado the times “adding the totals” (statements of the politicians) and “seconds off” (the time of locution on those totals) of each one. The result: “the time dedicated to the PP and the Government is triple that of all the opposition as a whole”.

In the conclusions of the analysis of the news coverage on this day, the CDI denounces the fact that no statements were included from the organizations calling the feminist strike or from the unions.

On March 9, the news coverage also had numerous deficiencies that are included in this analysis. Among other things, while the news that monopolized the opening of all media, not only national but also international, in TD1 was not addressed until the 19th minute.

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– To carry out audiovisual productions together with the different departments involved, from budgeting, team building together with the EP of each project and the Production Manager, shooting and post production.

In the category of editors, it is key to prepare well for the current affairs exam, passing this exam means facing the practical exam and also being able to accumulate points for seniority, contracts, training in RTVE.

In RTVE many people are retiring, pre-retirement, there will be a list and a job bank to replace those people who leave via contract, it will be a ranking of note of people who have obtained a note but have not achieved a place in the oppositions. I encourage you to apply. It is a historic opportunity.

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Madrid has been a turning point for NATO. With its new strategy for the next decade, agreed at this summit, the Atlantic Alliance has stopped being so Atlantic and has included for the first time the challenges to its security coming from Africa, the Middle East and, most significantly, China, in the first express mention of the Asian giant in a document of this type. Specifically, the allies note that Beijing’s “coercive ambitions and policies” “challenge our interests, security and values.”

Bruen believes that the inclusion of Beijing in the Western military bloc’s strategy is wise, as “the world has changed and the threat posed by China must be recognized,” but warns that “it is not enough.” “We still don’t know what NATO is going to do with respect to China and in Asia in general, because it is an Atlantic alliance, and imposing itself in the Pacific has its problems,” he says from the summit in Madrid.

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